The Miracle League Café

"Because EVERY Child Deserves The Chance To Play Baseball"

The Miracle League Café

Love of family, special moments, cherished memories and baseball.

We embrace these ideals for our Miracle League community and our world at large. Reflecting our passion for our hero-players of America’s favorite pastime is our passion for the elements that elevate our lives-like a great cup of coffee.

Having searched for the right partner, we proudly have found a relationship with a century old, 4th generation, family-run roaster that shares our commitment to excellence. The coffees we created come from across the globe- all hand picked, batch roasted, and custom packed to bring you the experience of savoring this memorable cup of coffee.  Enjoy them during those quiet moments alone or in the company of dear friends. 

Thank you for your purchase. Your support ensures the continued mission of The Miracle League as you treat yourself to a coffee experience you thoroughly deserve.

Thank You For Supporting Our Kids!

It Takes A Village

To help our kids play ball, thousands of volunteers sign up to be a "Buddy". Buddies help our kids play ball, keep them safe, and make new friends. Your donation to the league through this coffee fundraiser is greatly needed and appreciated.

“It’s been transformational and not just for the kids involved. We’re changing the fabric of the community. People are learning to see these players as kids with different abilities, not disabilities. It’s been an education for the entire community and then a lot of fun for the kids.” “There’s a lot of education in empathy from the baseball diamond.”

Mrs. Rogers

In an interview with HBO’s “Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel, the young Gunder explained how she’s always loved baseball, but it seemed too dangerous. “I am grateful for The Miracle League. It gave me and other children like me the chance to do something nobody thought we could ever do.”

This league has been a blessing for our child. It's much more than a baseball game, it's an opportunity for our kids to build self esteem and confidence. Our kids make new friends and we've met some wonderful families. Thank you for building this field and making Miracles come true!

Mrs. Weaver